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The kennel „vom Steingraben“ has existed since 1986. We have been involved with Irish Wolfhounds for almost 20 years. One important reason for our choice for this breed was their love for children – in general the Irish Wolfhound is a downright family dog – and by living with these animals we became attached to this breed.

We had the first litter in 1990. Progenitors of our kennel were the bitch “Vroni von der Alten Veste” and the dog “Solstrand Pioneer”. Since then, we have been working to establish our small kennel.

We have now bred ten litters, meaning less than one litter a year. The puppies grow up in a separate room in our house so that mother and children can enjoy absolute calmness during the first weeks. Later, the puppies will be introduced to the family and will learn to know our cats, parrots – and because we run a riding stable – horses, other dogs and many, many children. Because for our breeding program mental stability is very important, we have hounds with an engaging character. From a medical standpoint, our hounds are free of HD and DCM when we breed them.

We do all we can in breeding to give you and us the pleasure of owning one of our Irish Wolfhounds. You are invited to visit us so you can get to know us and our hounds. The address you will find here.

Yours truly
Mr. and Mrs. Starick